The idea behind the real SUV


I admit, I have mostly designed fun bikes, frames with big suspensions.

Entirely dedicated to pleasure, their design was not less rigorous.

No concessions to fads, material and fabrication had to be proven.

I simply tried to make them as fast and durable as possible.

The Urbana was conceived the same way; utilitarian and always ready for fun, it can go through potholes or jump over them!

I have biked in cities twelve month a year. Calcium in Québec city, ice and sand in Montréal.

I have always been very happy on the ride home, somewhat less on some mornings…

I have carried an over a hundred pound drill press on my rear rack.

Another time, five eight feet 2’’ by 4’’ on my top tube.

I have rolled on trails with my two kids much to their delight, one on the top tube, the other behind me.

I think a bike can often replace a car.

I know what makes a bike work at 20 below after an evening at five.

I know wide tires can be faster on dirt roads and are more comfortable for little passengers.

It is from these two experiences that stems the Urbana, the real sport utility vélo!

- Jerome