Once upon a time…young women sat upright on their traditional Dutch bikes as they rode to work on the friendly, organized bike paths of Amsterdam, showing us how to live without cars…

Meanwhile, seemingly crazed young men launched their reinforced bikes of off elevated trails, deep in the rugged forests of Vancouver’s North Shore, showing us how much fun you can have on a bike…

Take a little bit of Amsterdam and add some North Shore: URBANA bikes.

At Urbana we build extreme Urban bikes

  • Rugged design will withstand what your city’s challenging infrastructure can dish out.
  • High volume Sidewalk tires act as shock absorbers to tackle potholes, curbs and stairs.
  • Semi-slick tire treads are fast and easy rolling.
  • One size fits all, fits you, fit’s your friend.
  • High quality parts keep’s you out of the shop and on the road.
  • Compliant frame and low pressure tires absorbs the bumps for a smooth ride.
  • Extra low step-over frame design means easy on, easy off.
  • No top tube means easy manoeuvring and a fun ride.
  • Hi-rise handlebars give a back friendly upright position and a bird’s eye view of traffic.
  • Rack and fender-ready to carry the load and keep the splash away.
  • Wide tire contact patch and low center of gravity keeps you stable.
  • Reclined seating lets you put your feet on the ground when stopping.
  • Displaced seat tube allows tall riders to have better control.